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The Well was founded to support homeschooling families. As a homeschooling mother of five, I understand the difficulties and challenges that families may face when embarking on this beautiful journey. The Well gives parents an opportunity for rest and refreshing while providing affordable and flexible programs that help meet the unique needs of each homeschooling family. The Well also provides academic support through Christ-centered curriculum implemented by our amazing team of teachers. This curriculum includes twenty amazing hands-on strategies which studies have shown actually grow dendrites and engage the brain far better than the traditional model of schooling.


The Well provides a unique opportunity for families. It is a place where both parents and their children can connect with others, be refreshed and get the support they need. The Well is a place where your child can make new friends, learn about God’s word & be taught by caring teachers. It’s a place where they can be challenged, grow academically, learn new skills and talents, and be recognized for their accomplishments.


Here at The Well, we offer fun-packed, educational days for kids while giving busy parents a day off! The Well is a place where the parched & weary have an opportunity for rest and refreshing. 


Nicey Priestley

Founder & Executive Director 

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