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"The Well has been a great addition to our homeschool. With a variety of classes, each of our 3 boys have found new interests and benefited from the quality teaching. There are also many opportunities to go on field trips and build relationship with the other Well families. We love the Well!"

Megan Rusch 

Seong Dupont "I am so glad I found The Well Homeschool, this is just perfect school for my child. My experience was just great from the start, my daughter loves going to the Well school. The amazing director, Ms.Nicey and awesome teachers, Ms. Shannon, Ms.Rebecca and many others are so great with kids and really helpful. The Well's facebook site is the one place you can get many useful information, get to know people and join the prayer group and ask questions, birthday invitations. I couldn't get anything better than this!

Most of all, my daughter is having so much fun learning and play there, she also loves extra curriculum, Dance and Piano class is what my daughter all get excited about. They also has cooking and violin classes as well as other programs for your growing child. I know the Well Homeschool is just wonderful place if you have homeschool children and I know you will be happy like us."

Rachel Kovac "The kids love The Well SO MUCH! They couldn’t stop talking about it. I’m so so grateful for this amazing resource in our community. Thank you so much for starting it. It is truly an answer to prayer for our family."

Rita Lopez "The girls really enjoyed school... Awesome enrichment program!"

Luisa Gross "Thanks for all you do, Nicey! We are loving the Well and we are so thankful to be a part of this program."

Bethany Merriman "Let me start by saying how grateful we are and how blessed Hadassah has been to be a part of The Well. We have loved having her be a part of everything you all do for our children. She has made leaps and bounds because of the Independence and knowledge The Well has provided. We have been blessed by your ministry."

Christy Brooks "My daughter asks to go to The Well every single day! I love that the teachers and staff go above and beyond to provide the best care and education possible."

Jamie Flores "I have 5 kids-homeschool 4 of them grades 9th (one high schooler graduated) down to 1st-I can’t afford to send them all to the Well but knew my 4th gr. needed something extra outside the home. The Well has been a wonderful experience for him/us. It’s helped jump start my week and for the first time in 13 yrs of homeschooling we are all on schedule for the year, waking up early and focused. I Love he’s learning to respect and obey other teachers and interact with peers older and younger and gets to do hands on learning activities that we don’t take time to do at home in our general schooling. We love it and are so thankful for every teacher, leader and volunteer."

Richard Garcia "I love The Well!! Even my 2 year old participates in field trips and has made many friends here. We are a Well family!"

Barbara Seidler "We have been very happy with the overall experience and our son loves attending and has grown a lot because of his interactions here"

Tara Vasquez "We really enjoy The Well and it has been a great fit for our family. My kids are always happy while they are there and come home happy, so I feel blessed that we have found this safe place for them and us. We are very grateful and thankful for The Well and the vision that God gave Nicey. Also, one last note...we love the beginning where they sing together and do devotional together. The classes are nice, but pointing to JESUS is amazing!"

Mary Ford "I am so happy that our family found the well! I get a break and they make friends and learn something new!"

Jennifer Ebinger "I love the field trip options"

Emily Lindholm "We have loved it this year. Mason looks forward to Mondays every week. The staff and facilities are great and I always feel safe leaving him there. Thank you"

Allison Foulk "We love The Well! I am just so amazed by how well it is run and organized. You all are incredible and truly care about the kids. We are only not coming back because we are moving."

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