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Our Values

Vision Together we put education back in the hands of parents and positively change the future, for God's Glory, one child at a time.

Mission Statement The Well's mission is to provide support to homeschooling families in our community by offering quality, hands-on, Christ-Centered classes for students. We also strive to build a strong community where families may fellowship and find emotional, physical and spiritual support in their homeschooling. For both parents and their students our mission is to...

"Engage! Equip! Inspire!"

Motto Homeschooling Made Easy: Support when you need it, How you need it!

Core Values

We are T.H.E. W.E.L.L

T- Teamwork “We work together to meet the needs of all our families”

H- Hope “We instill hope and faith through community and fellowship”

E- Excellence “We commit to do everything in Excellence as a work unto the Lord”

W- Worship “We live a life that exemplifies our faith & invite others to follow”

E- Engage ”We engage eager learners with exciting opportunities”

L- Learn “We play as we learn, we learn to play."

L- Love “We display love to all through our actions and words"

How We Teach...

Project-Based approach- Students work together in groups and individually on projects that challenge them to apply what they are learning in the "real world". This develops vital life skills alongside academic skills. Rather than taking pride in selfish pursuit, students learn the purpose of knowledge is to use it for God's glory by pouring into others and the world around them.

Cross-Curricular- Just as subjects enmesh in the real world, we want students to learn to connect the dots as lessons build on to each other. Learning becomes a fun adventure rather than a list of subjects as students learn the beauty of all creation and their unique part in His-story!

Technology- Understanding the age we are in, our program utilizes technology as a useful tool to teach and inform. Students will learn important computer skills such as typing, building a website, and working in excel. We also offer robotics classes from Bits, Bytes, and Bots throughout the year.

Engaging & Student-Led- Research has consistently shown that students learn better when they are interested. When children are engaged, they are activating the neurons needed for the long-term retention of information. Using the 20 strategies to Engage the Brain by Marcia L Tate, we keep all students fully immersed in what they are learning.

Multi-Age Classrooms- Similar to the home school environment, our classrooms consist of two to three grade levels per room. In a multi-age classroom, older students get the opportunity to learn through teaching and younger students benefit from their natural tendency to imitate older students. This model has been proven successful over the years from the "One Room Schoolhouse" to Montessori classrooms that now thrive across the world (Learn more).

Learning in the field- We include mentors, field trips, experiments, and live demonstrations as a part of our curriculum so students get lots of hands-on experience and training.

Leadership Skills- Students will learn the biblical model of leadership as we connect all our academic lessons to the important servant-leadership character traits modeled by Christ.

Easy & Convenient- We know the homeschooling parent of today is often busy and stretched thin. That's why our teachers work with you to help educate your child, while still allowing the parent the flexibility of using their own schedule, curriculum, and teaching style. Lesson plans are provided for each semester for parents to follow along with if desired.

Affordable- We know that many homeschooling families are one-income households so we strive to keep our rates as low as possible.

Biblical Worldview- Our lesson plans come from leading Christian curriculum publishers in the industry. Apologia, Bob Jones, Abeka, Master's Books, and Sonlight are a few of the publishers we use. We desire our students receive a quality education rooted in God's word so that they will be good stewards of the gifts given to them and effective in His kingdom.

(Matthew 25:14-40)

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